What We Do

We provide literacy services to adults, teens, children, and families. We help people from all over the world learn English and we also help native English speakers improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Our Mission

The mission of The Literacy Center is to increase the basic English language and literacy skills of adults, teens, children, and families in order to improve the quality of personal, economic and community life for all. 

Professionally trained volunteers carry out our mission at The Literacy Center and in the community.

Our Background

We remain the only privately fundedadult literacy and education organizationin Northern Arizona since


This distinction enables us to provide individualized instruction so that all learners can progress at their own pace. This unique approach is the hallmark of our organization. 

Our Funding

The Literacy Center is a private non-profit organization. Funding for The Literacy Center comes from the United Way of Northern Arizona, the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff, private foundations, individual and business donors, and fundraising. The Literacy Center receives no state or federal money for its operations.

Individualized Assessments

We assess each learner when they begin at The Literacy Center and administer ongoing assessments after 40 hours or 6 months of instruction (whichever comes first).

Our individualized assessments focus on measuring literacy skills and progress towards the stated educational goals of each learner. 

Our learner-centered flexibility increases our capacity to help our learners grow and prosper.

Our Origins

The Literacy Center started in 1992 as an initiative of the United Way of Northern Arizona. In 1995 The Literacy Center became an affiliate of Literacy Volunteers of America. Inc. (LVA) and was recognized as the Organization of the Year by the
Arizona Daily Sun. 

In 2002 LVA and Laubach Literacy International merged to become the world’s largest volunteer literacy organization, ProLiteracy Worldwide. 

In 2002 LVCC became a fully accredited affiliate of ProLiteracy America, the United States division of ProLiteracy Worldwide, and continues to be a member organization of Proliteracy. 

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